Welcome To Our Sanctuary!

Where we proudly preserve traditional cultural heritage through our exquisite artistry. We believe that art is not just a fleeting trend, but an eternal representation of culture,history,and self-expression.

We are dedicated to providing a space where ancient traditions intertwine with modern techniques, resulting in unique and timeless works of art. Captivating world of tattooing and body piercing, steeped in history, symbolism, and craftsmanship.

What We Do

Traditional Tattoos

Reviving Tradition: Join the resurgence of traditional tattooing and celebrate its artistic significance. Using traditional sacred tools (handtapping & handpoke) and ancient mantra in every session.

Ornamental Tattoos

Ornate Opulence: Embrace the lavishness of ornamental tattoos and elevate your body as a canvas of art. Using machines for crafting, fuse cultural motifs and contemporary aesthetics with ornamental tattoos for a unique expression of style.

Body Piercings

Sparkling Statements: Let your piercings tell a story of style and self-expression. The art of body adornment.

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